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Facing life’s challenges is hard enough without struggling to find a mental health provider that will partner with you in your care. Dana Eason PMHNP-BC provides acute & ongoing psychiatric care and Psychotherapy in Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, and New York via Psychiatric Telemedicine. 

Where the Practice of Psychiatry is both a Science and an Art!
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Recognizing the severe shortage of psychiatric providers in both urban & rural areas, Dr. Dana had the foresight to become one of the pioneers in Psychiatric Telemedicine in the country, years before COVID forced us all to pivot from regular office visits. While other providers were scrambling to meet the needs of their patients online, she was well ahead of the curve. She utilizes HIPAA compliant platforms (e.g. Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting) to communicate with patients to ensure the utmost security”.

Judiette White
Judiette White
September 30, 2023
I’m so happy I found this clinic! First of all it’s not easy to find the nerves to even look for mental health treatment. So much has happened in my life and I have known for a very long time that I needed help. Growing up in a family that never accepted me for who I am. I had a lot of religious guilt. Coming up as a teenager I had everybody telling me I was too sensitive and that I was just too lazy instead of helping me figure out what was wrong with me. My friend’s daughter told me about Dr Dana and I trust her a lot so I decided to give it another try and start looking for help again. I never felt I had a home or people to take care of me or give me advice. I finally feel like I have a home here. From the beginning they made everything so easy. Karen is just amazing. She was very helpful and she was really patient with me. I kept on scheduling and cancelling my appointments so many times because I had so many bad experiences with other doctors who never listened to me and just wanted to keep feeding me pills. She even checked my insurance benefits for me which no doctor has ever done and I really appreciated it because all of that stuff is so confusing to me. They gave me some tests to take and and I was really scared about the results because I answered yes to almost every question. Shanell explained what the tests were about and we talked about all of it so I wouldn’t be so nervous. When I finally met with Dr Dana I was scared too. I have never felt comfortable talking to people because I have some social anxiety too. She is so nice though. The thing I liked the most is how much she taught me about what depression is and how the brain works which is stuff I never understood before. She was not just talking at me. I felt like she was really listening to me. I didn’t feel like she was judging me. And the most important thing is that she didn’t try to shove pills down my throat but explained how the pills would work so I wasn’t so scared. She does therapy too and she was so easy to talk to that we ran out time because I was talking so much. The whole experience was so much better than I thought it would be. I am really very grateful I found this place and I will never go any place else. They took such good care of me!
September 12, 2023
It's impossible to express my gratitude to have met Dr. Dana Eason . She and The staff at BecomingWellness have both been kind and amiable. Nowadays, it's challenging to find providers that pay attention and are empathetic ; Thankfully, This entire staff And Dr. Dana go above their job description to protect and Care for their patients. I am forever grateful🙌
Matthew Wyatt
Matthew Wyatt
August 30, 2023
Absolutely transformative experience with this ADHD counselor. Highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and provides actionable strategies that make a real difference. Can't recommend enough for anyone struggling with ADHD. 5 stars!
Shaylea Valentine
Shaylea Valentine
August 17, 2023
I was hesitant to seek care from a psychiatrist, but I’ve had an amazing experience with Dr. Dana and the staff at Becoming. I’m so grateful that a friend recommended them to me, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for supportive and informative care.
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Our professional and experienced team evaluates every patient as an individual. We know every person is different, and we help you combat your stressors. Will access, diagnose, and treat you with personalized care and attention to your needs. 

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