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Facing life’s challenges is hard enough without struggling to find a mental health provider that will partner with you in your care. Dana Eason PMHNP-BC provides acute & ongoing psychiatric care and Psychotherapy in Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, and New York via Psychiatric Telemedicine. 

Where the Practice of Psychiatry is both a Science and an Art!
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Recognizing the severe shortage of psychiatric providers in both urban & rural areas, Dr. Dana had the foresight to become one of the pioneers in Psychiatric Telemedicine in the country, years before COVID forced us all to pivot from regular office visits. While other providers were scrambling to meet the needs of their patients online, she was well ahead of the curve. She utilizes HIPAA compliant platforms (e.g. Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting) to communicate with patients to ensure the utmost security”.

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Our professional and experienced team evaluates every patient as an individual. We know every person is different, and we help you combat your stressors. Will access, diagnose, and treat you with personalized care and attention to your needs. 

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